Acetabulum Roof
Reinforcement Plate

The Acetabulum Roof Reinforcement Plate is intended to bridge an acetabular loss of stability and supports cemented acetabular cups. The angle-stable system facilitates good anchorage at the skeleton and an early-functional therapy. The Acetabulum Roof Reinforcement Plate can be combined with an acetabular cup size up to 48mm.


  • DePuy Synthes Art Nr. 03.113.022 Centering Sleeve, percutaneous, for Kirschner Wire Ø 1.6mm
  • DePuy Synthes Art.Nr. 323.027 LCP-Drill Guide 3.5mm
  • DePuy Synthes Art Nr. 03.113.020 Locking Drill Sleeve 2.8 percutaneous
  • DePuy Synthes Art.Nr. 310.284 LCP Drill Bit 2.8mm
  • DePuy Synthes Art.Nr. 319.010 Depth Gauge for Screws
  • DePuy Synthes Art.Nr. 311.431 Handle with Quick Coupling
  • DePuy Synthes Art.Nr. 511.773 Torque Limiter 1.5 Nm for AO-ASIF-Quick Coupling
  • DePuy Synthes Art.Nr. 314.036 Screw Driver Bit Hex 2.5mm
  • DePuy Synthes Art.Nr. 314.116 Screw Driver Bit Stardrive T15
  • DePuy Synthes Art.Nr. 314.070 Screw Driver Hex 2.5mm
  • DePuy Synthes Art.Nr. 314.041 Screw Driver Stardrive T15
  • DePuy Synthes Art.Nr. 413.010 - 413.095 Locking Screws 3.5mm, Hex 2.5mm, TAN / SS (self cutting) L=10mm-95mm
  • DePuy Synthes Art.Nr. 412.101- 412.131 Locking Screws 3.5mm, Stardrive T15, TAN / SS (self cutting) L=10mm-95mm


  • Fractures of the acetabulum due to trauma
  • Revision surgery with substantial bone loss in the area of the acetabulum


  • Active and / or latent infection
  • Allergy to the implanted material (Ti6Al4V)
  • Local bone tumours and / or cysts
  • Pregnancy

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